The more observant amongst you may have noticed that hidden in each page of the online Fanbook was was a little puzzle. The puzzle has now been solved and here are the solutions.

For those of you who attempted it, I thank you for your effort and I sincerely hope you enjoyed it, even if it was a little frustrating at times.

And here are the solutions:

Advent Calendar Page
At the bottom of the page was a little picture made up of hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. To solve this a little prior knowledge of Morse code was required. Each letter either used hearts as the dots and spades as the dashes, or diamonds as the dots and clubs as the dashes. Try it out. Easy, isn’t it!

If this is successfully carried out the solution to the first clue is Nobacherie. Oh no, not that dreaded word again!

Secret Diary Page
Hidden in the page was some black text and this could be found by highlighting the text or alternatively by looking in the source code. The clue said "He denies me every pleasure" and was refering to the word abnegate. This was deliberately devised to look as though I was talking about Derren as well as hiding some maybe crossword-like clue, but that was just to confuse you.

Captions Page
This was the most evil part of the puzzle and required some very lateral and side-ways thinking. Do you forgive me? Probably not.

I used the idea of steganography to hide a text file in the second from last picture. I used a Hide and Seek program¹ to make the file and if a similar program was downloaded from the Internet the file could be decoded to produce the solution of manipulate. This slightly altered the file and hence confused a lot of people to think maybe the solution could be found in the visible distortion of the image. This was wrong, but some interesting theories for solving this clue emerged. Well done to all of you, even thought they were very wrong.

Nobacherie Page
There was a hidden link in the second 'Nobacherie' word on the page which lead to the clue "Seeing is believing, but is listening really transformed seeing?" A link to a non-existing mp3 file was also provided. To solve the clue it had to be recognised that the file referred to in the clue wasn't an mp3, it was actually a gif, so this had to be changed in the address bar. This lead to a picture saying 'garden', but this had to be transformed too, and is an anagram of danger, which is the solution of clue four.

Forum CD Page
If you look in the source code for this page (View > Source in Internet Explorer) you will find a little diagram of a cube with an eight inside it. This quite simply provides the word incubate and is the complete solution. Now, that wasn't too difficult, was it!

Unsung Lyrics Page
There was again a hidden link on 'Russian Roulette' and this lead to another clue page. The clue said "Reverse is impossible to hear", however, this time a working mp3 was provided. If this was carefully listened to four chords could be heard - F - A - E - D. Reverse the order of this and the solution of deaf is obtained.

Squawker's Poem Page
This again had hidden text in the page that could be seen by highlighting the text. The clue said "Cache me if you can" and if the user had previously viewed that page and looked in their local cache the word oxygenous would be found in the same place as the clue (providing the their cache hadn't been cleared).

This word was chosen again to confuse as I thought many would assume there would be more to the word (oxygen, living, chemical symbol...), but this was not the case. I wouldn't be that evil, would I?

Artwork Page
In the source code there were some noughts and ones commented out. This was binary and if it was converted back to ASCII it would simply spell seance.

If the first letter of each solution is taken and rearrange the final solution of DIAMONDS is obtained. This could then be used to access the password page found by clicking on the hidden link on Elanor's Cocktail page.

And that, my slightly brain-frazzled friends, is the end of the puzzle.

I hope everyone who took part in the puzzle enjoyed it, and congratulations to Meme for being the first to solve it. It took a lot of hard work, but you finally got there, Meme. Let's pop open a bottle of champagne!

¹ I used this program for the steganography. User downloads program at own risk and I accept no responsibility for the content of the program and other legal stuff... For more information on steganography, click here and here.

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