It was a frosty winter's night; a cold breeze rustled through the trees as children were joyriding stolen cars whilst their parents slept silently, unknowing the extent of the horror that would be bestowed upon them. For, in a bunker of undisclosed location, sat a federal agent whose code name was Spasm The Cat.

Working by candle light, Spasm etched her evil plan to take over the world into the wooden table, one of the few luxuries of her sparsely decorated bunker. For her plan to work she knew she had to build on her notoriety as a hard-grafted former SAS solider. The first victim on her hit list would be some psychological, magic-mind-bending-devil man, Derren Brown. Spasm knew she had to somehow break his highly-strung ego and thus Project Fanbook was hatched.

All was going well until Agent Truth Teller, aka Tē, decided it was a bad idea and Project Fanbook was put on ice until the foreseeable future, and not another word was uttered regarding its existence.

Alas, that is what official government documents say. In reality for several months Spasm took sole responsibility of compiling all stalker and obsessive activity that frequented the Derren Brown Forum. The result was a beautiful crafted A3 book which was presented to said freaky man and the online version is housed here so all stalkers and obsessives alike can browse at leisure and find a little more about the object centre of their obsession, the project and the idiosyncrasies that support the foundations of the forum.

Will normal life return after the successful completion of the mission? Only time will tell.

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