Forum CD

Inside Your Ears: The Derren Brown Fanthology

At the end of January 2004 Mr Twain, in a flash of inspiration, proposed the making of a Forum CD, with each song having a ‘Derren Brown’ theme. It was recorded in five weeks by forumites all over the country and sent to Mr Twain, who slaved day and night for a over a month to try and sort out the mess.

Fortune has smiled on you today, as the end result can be found inside the back cover of this book. You are obliged to listen to it at least once, and at full volume. Further details about the project can be found at

A competition was held to create the final artwork and the entries below are the ones that didn't quite make it.

By Atari

By Tedious Phoenix

By perfiditty

By Elixa

By Alocin

By Flying Nun

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