Fanbook Photos

Spasm's Fanbook was a work of art, however it would be impossible to fully recreate it for the Internet, so provided below are some selected pictured of the original which was given to Derren.

A sample of the Captions section

The Nobacherie Thread bit, with Go Go's explanation on the left, and Part-Timer's Nobacherie song on the right

The Artwork section

The Artwork section

Elanor's Cocktails

The Messages Section

The 'Inside Your Ears' section, with Part-Timer's two songs, and Hedge's Nobacherie song, screenshots of the website, and the cover designs

Squawker's Poem (yep, if you can see that properly, that's DB in a Dr. Seuss hat. Oh, and the Cat In The Hat holding a Dream Machine)

Inside the back cover

Inside the front cover

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