If you have reached this page you should have solved all the clues to the puzzle and have at your disposal eight one-word solutions.

If you don't have eight solutions then you have cheated to get to this page - go to the back of the classroom, sit in the corner and start from the beginning again. You should feel ashamed of yourself. Hang your head in shame.

However, if you have solved all eight clues correctly, simply take the first letter of each and rearrange them to form a well known word. To see if you are correct enter that word as the username and password for this page. And trust me, it will be quicker to solve the clues then to try to hack the password (I hope).

I hope the puzzle has entertained you a little and whiled away a few tedious hours of your life. And remember: there is only one winner and the judge's decision is final. Details for how to contact me will be on the password-protected page, so don't try to contact me another way - that would just be cheating, wouldn't it?

Tedious Phoenix

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