Advent Calendar

Ah, Christmas. Parrots roasting on an open fire, Big Dave nipping at your toes. And what better way to build up to it than with a Forum Advent Calendar? Twenty-four of The Derr-anged volunteered to create a picture a day. Some panicked for weeks; one actually disappeared completely, but here for your viewing pleasure is the calendar in its entirety, culminating in a very special December 24th.

Spasm The Cat Sydney The Duck

Ophelia RexyP Blacksteel Papillion Igoomore Flying Nun Elanor Psychochickie Terrorvicky Tedious Phoenix Hedgehog dRaggy Archie Green Loves dRaggy Chownsy Pumpkin The Happy Bee The Happy Bee Lea Unidentified Flying Fem

Single Sreving Jack and Tē

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